Lori Glavin
We really enjoyed our quick visit to By A Thread:  The FineArt of Fiber, at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, curated by RGA member, Nancy Moore.  The exhibition is meticulously installed with strong works by well-know textile artists (Ed Rossback, Sheila Hicks, Naomi Kobayashi) placed beside thoughtfully selected works by local artists, some newer to the field.  The exhibition "focuses on fiber and fiber techniques inclusing plant material and other media on the edge of what we normally think of as fibrous; knotting, weaving, tying, etc.," Moore has explained. "As the work of participating artists like Sheila Hicks and Judith Scott gamin national recognition, the possibilities of fiber as a purely artistic (as opposed to functional) form has exploded."  Among our favorite works --small weavings by Francine Even and an assembled and stitched work by Lori Glavin.

Browngrotta Arts, Thursday, June 2, 2016